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The American Banker's Association (ABA) has endorsed Promontory Interfinancial Network's ICS, the Insured Cash Sweep service, to help banks and thrifts to secure large-dollar deposits and to retain customer relationships.

The ABA brings together all categories of banking institutions to best represent the interests of this rapidly changing industry. Its membership—which includes community, regional, and money center banks; holding companies; savings associations; trust companies; and savings banks—makes ABA the largest banking trade association in the country.

Promontory Interfinancial Network's services offer a versatile suite of financial solutions for banks of every size and type. The company has a solid track record of success in helping banks to improve their bottom line. We encourage all ABA members to find out how to put these services to work at their bank..

—John Wolff, Executive Vice President
American Bankers Association

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