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Business Manager, Insurance Company

The business manager works directly with the president of an insurance company (broker). According to the business manager, the president is “smart” about financing. The president has always asked to have the business manager keep multiple accounts to keep the limits under $250K. 

About 16 months ago, the insurance company’s banker approached it to present ICS®. The company was thrilled and has been thrilled with its experience. The company has ICS funds feed its AP, payroll, and general operations accounts. The company also maintains some CDs outside of ICS that give it a higher interest rate, but have substituted its past strategy of managing multiple accounts with ICS.

The insurance company loves the liquidity of ICSit can simply email its banker, and the funds are transferred with 24 hours.

"[My boss] has an ‘on top of it’ philosophy. ICS gives us a single statement and we know we’re protected, and where the money has been transferred to. The service was made for someone like him.

Business Manager - Insurance Company

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