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Operations Director, Land Conservancy

An operations director for a Land Conservancy is responsible for managing the organization’s funds that need to be available to make land purchases over the course of the year. The organization uses the ICS savings option. The organization also has investment accounts with Schwab.

The director has been with the organization for 4 years in a variety of roles and only recently become responsible for managing the accounts. The Conservancy has about $1 million annually come in and out of accounts used to purchase tracts of land. The director noticed that the accounts were in excess of $250K and that concerned them. The accounts were also non interest bearing!

The director says she had read about ICS a few years ago, so they Googled it and printed out information. The director then took that information to their banker and asked to be set up.

The bank representative walked the director through the services and helped the director understand how to transition to the new statements. It took 2-3 months for the organization’s board to meet to approve the change, but the board did so easily when they met. From a due diligence standpoint, the director was convinced by the number of banks associated with the network and the audit requirements. The director felt safe knowing where the money was.

The director has been using ICS for only a few months and loves it.

" I’m comfortable we are protected [with ICS]. The money was sitting in a non-interest account. Watching interest come in was lovely. And we need to have access to cash quickly. Some restricted, some operational, some for purchase of land we account for that separately in house but it’s all lumped into one account for interest purposes."

Operations Director, Land Conservancy

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