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VP Finance, Healthcare Industry Vendor

The vice president of finance is employed by a company that provides housekeeping and laundry services to nursing homes and hospitals in three contiguous states. The vice president works directly with the owner to make decisions about how to manage the company’s cash.

The company’s local banker introduced the CDARS® and ICS® services eight years ago, and the company has been happily using ICS ever since. The vice president even feels the company is getting a better interest rate on its deposits then it would have otherwise. The company uses ICS for its savings and operations accounts.

Interestingly, the vice president points out that the simplicity and service of the ICS service is enhanced by the fact that the bank will physically pick up deposits from the company office.

"All the work is done on institution’s part and not ours. One less thing I have to do. It’s all under one roof but not under one roof. [My bank rep] was able to bring everything under one bank. So wonderful."

VP Finance, Healthcare Industry Vendor

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